Real Estate Solution

Just as every patient brings a unique set of circumstances to a physician, every physician has a unique set of circumstances and requirements for the real estate needs of their practice.

Arizona Integrated Physicians (AIP) is uniquely positioned to create tremendous value for AIP practices by harnessing the power of Transwestern, a full service commercial real estate company with the knowledge, experience and resources of a veteran team of healthcare real estate experts. Transwestern understands the unique challenges that physicians face in their real estate endeavors.

Transwestern can offer expertise and substantial time and cost savings when negotiating your real estate agreements, including leases and purchase agreements. Additionally, Transwestern can identify opportunities to create value through equity positions in real estate and joint venture opportunities with other physicians in the AIP network. As an AIP member, in many cases you will receive these services at no direct cost. If a fee is the responsibility of an AIP member, your fee has been discounted by 25% from Transwestern’s standard market commissions.

Transwestern’s goal is to identify your practice’s current and future needs, formulate a real estate strategy that minimizes occupancy costs and takes advantage of opportunities for value creation, including:

  • Strategic real estate consulting
  • Market research and analysis
  • Lowering your overall cost of real estate
  • Minimizing risk by increasing flexibility and structuring leases to your benefit
  • Identifying wealth-building investment opportunities through real estate ownership and joint ventures
  • Leveraging the AIP network to develop economic advantages
  • AIP preferred discounts for Transwestern services

The AIP Real Estate Solution will ensure that AIP continues to build upon its already strong foundation as an integrated physician network that further enhances the viability and sustainability of independent physicians.

To schedule an onsite consultation with the experts at Transwestern, please contact Kate Morris or Vince Femiano at 602-956-5000, email or, or visit for more information about Transwestern.